Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12th, 2011

This past week, Samuel and Nick  were married... uhm... did they have a long talk with Stake Pres. about this??? Just kidding!

My week has been pretty good I really enjoyed the temple. The temple is tiny, it is smaller than the stake center, and it’s also the only temple in the world with an arctic entry. An Arctic Entry is where you come in and there is another door before you enter the temple, when you enter right to your left is a place to take off all of you shoes and coats and hang them in there before you go into temple.

Ok so I need to have all my mail addressed to me and say Alaska Anchorage mission on it or the post office will not send it here anymore, my packages ended up in the church mail box for the Willow building, I only have one for now when they check it again I will probably get my other one.

The zone leaders are Missionary equivalent of stake president, I have a zone leader meeting every second Wednesday of the month, we got to go down with them to the temple, I will post pictures in a minute.

Transfers are Sept 27th, I think I’ll get transferred but idk I could stay here and train. I think it would be fun, yah i would hope I get a nice companion too, I need to get Elder Boulder, he is one of the missionaries coming into the area, the last elders in this area is elder Grawrock my current comp., Elder Stone then Elder Boulder, that is how it has to be. (All types of rock)

We didn’t go down this driveway, we just saw a thousand signs and took a picture.

I will be sending home a package with items a guy here carves. He gave me a bear, a beaver, some mixing spoons and other things. He gave me those to say thanks for helping at the farmers market.

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