Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Monday, August 23, 2011

The weather stays around 55F it is really nice. It is starting to get dark again.

I bet you guys had a lot of fun visiting all of the historical sites, when did you get home? Bringing stuff on the roof of our van is quite a pain, after the grill I decided I did not want to do that again.

I was in the Talkeetna Branch again this Sunday. It is always fun being there, it's really different only having like 40 people here each week.

When does Marissa start school?

We are attending seminary here it just started today @ 6:30 am, it's a lot of fun. Paige and Luke (the teens who got baptized) were both at seminary this morning. We attend it now that it has started, it is at the big house on our property so we get up and go over there in the morning. It starts at 6:30am and that is when we are supposed to get up anyways.

My new zone leader is Elder Sutton, he is pretty cool, he knows I am from Rexburg his dad told him I was coming when I got my call here. If I had not been delayed in Seattle I would have met him my first day here in the mission field.

We saw a dog today that someone shaved like a lion.

Could you please send me my gps and the cable with it, also believe it or not it would be useful if I had my green lazer pointer. Also my big black steel Winchester Knife we do a lot of service and I have found that there is a lot of stuff I need it for. We spend 5 to 10 minutes looking for a knife that will work.

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