Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday, September 26th, 2011

My week has been good, I got my package.
I would like to write Josh a letter, although I forgot where he got called to, that might help a little.

I can hardly believe that Marissa went to home coming let alone with Britton, that kid has always been a bit...

Fall started here a while ago, there are hardly any leaves left on the trees.

Oh by the way, transfers are tomorrow, Elder Stone and I are staying six more weeks.

I am glad Danielle is getting married so soon and to someone from Idaho! Josh is probably working are air to air and air to ground weapons guidance systems such as j-dams and things like that. That is a good field to go into, and being stationed in Oklahoma means he is more likely to be on the design and testing end, than in combat and using them. A lot of weapons testing is done in that area of the US.

That sounds pretty spendy to fly to Trevor’s and help out, I hope you are able to spend some time with them.

love you.

I’ll send you the package soon as I find some more stuff to put in it.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday, September 19th, 2011

That’s a funny photo of Oreo, she looks kinda weird now, I am going to have to tell Elder Sutton what his dad said, he is my zone leader, hahaha. (So in our Ward Conference in Rexburg President Sutton stood up and said that he might have to stop watching BYU football games if he is going to follow the 13th Article of Faith because there was nothing virtuous, lovely or of good report or praiseworthy about their last game.)

I just got the second package today, there have been a lot of confusing things with it and its been annoying but I worked it out with the ups store this morning.

The other elders here have never heard of spud day, I told them about it... it’s an Idaho thing; it’s a lot of fun though. I’m surprised dad you don’t sound more excited about going to something called spud day, sounds like a hoot!

I’m sure the cats love it in my room nice and quiet. No one bothers them in there.

I told Elder Sutton about his dad and he thought that was funny he is in a ward nearby called Knick Fairview, his area borders mine.

There are a few different things in Talkeetna one of them is the place that was on TV for a giant burger it is a $34 burger I don’t know if it’s better than Big Juds I never had one, it was on TV though just tourist food.

I ate one of the meal worm suckers, the other elders where very surprised that they make suckers with real bugs would it be possible to get any scorpion ones?
I don’t know if he ever had a brother that served a mission there, his name would be winckle but I’m not sure, he was converted only 4 years ago

It’s possible I could train but I don’t know it would be fun though.
Elder Stone and I are working well together; we have difference of opinions but nothing serious.
Love ya

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

We did not get to email yesterday because it was a holiday and all the libraries were closed. We did service at the Fair.

Elder Wiegand, Elder Williams, Elder Cameron, Elder White, Elder Stone, Sis. Squires, Sis. Gardner, Elder Carson at fair.

I did have fun pushing old people, we got a cool guy named Phil, he was probably 80 something. We kept asking him where he wanted to go and he would say, "Wherever you want to go is fine". So we pushed him around from noon till 4pm and tried to get him to see as much of the fair as possible. He was a lot of fun. I found out later that he might be a member of our church, the lady said he said he was but others said he was not. The missionaries at one time were taking him the sacrament, the Elder I talked to who was in that ward said he really likes just being around people. He is usually in a ward (not church ward, old people home ward) by himself. I guess sometimes he has dementia. We spent Monday at the fair too.

Thank you so much for sending everything. When did you send them? I have not gotten either package yet. Combo of weekend and holiday makes mail slow.

The things we do on our missions are quite incredible, most people find it hard to believe that we are giving up this much time to serve the Lord, especially when they find out we are paying for our missions. I am very excited for the next 17 months of my mission, there is a lot of learning I still need to do and all the study that we do throughout the day is really helping, we also attend seminary in the morning and we are learning about the old testament.

Our days are getting shorter and shorter, we have had a lot of leaves fall off already, soon it we will not have much sunlight at all. It's getting windy and colder too.

I get to attend the temple tomorrow for the first time on my mission and my companions first time since MTC as well, he has been out 22 months, he has not much time left and this is his first change, so we will be in Anchorage.

Thank you for your love and support.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Thank you for finding that stuff and getting the CTR rings for me I think it will be a big help. I can't think of anything else I need.

Things have pretty much been same old same old here as well, we are doing a service project today and Thursday pushing old people..... that is how they described it to me. We are pushing them around in wheel chairs at the state fair in Palmer. That should be fun!

It sure does help the missionary work as the ward works with us to help our investigators.

Is Chris and Rachel back yet?

I love you I will write more when I think of more things to say.

Monday, August 23, 2011

The weather stays around 55F it is really nice. It is starting to get dark again.

I bet you guys had a lot of fun visiting all of the historical sites, when did you get home? Bringing stuff on the roof of our van is quite a pain, after the grill I decided I did not want to do that again.

I was in the Talkeetna Branch again this Sunday. It is always fun being there, it's really different only having like 40 people here each week.

When does Marissa start school?

We are attending seminary here it just started today @ 6:30 am, it's a lot of fun. Paige and Luke (the teens who got baptized) were both at seminary this morning. We attend it now that it has started, it is at the big house on our property so we get up and go over there in the morning. It starts at 6:30am and that is when we are supposed to get up anyways.

My new zone leader is Elder Sutton, he is pretty cool, he knows I am from Rexburg his dad told him I was coming when I got my call here. If I had not been delayed in Seattle I would have met him my first day here in the mission field.

We saw a dog today that someone shaved like a lion.

Could you please send me my gps and the cable with it, also believe it or not it would be useful if I had my green lazer pointer. Also my big black steel Winchester Knife we do a lot of service and I have found that there is a lot of stuff I need it for. We spend 5 to 10 minutes looking for a knife that will work.

Been here 6 months!

Monday, August 15, 2011
I have been out for 6 months now. Did the 6 month burning of the old tie.

My sunglasses should be at the mission office right now. tomorrow are exchanges and they should send it up here with the other mail going to our area. Exchanges work differently now, they call us Saturday night and let us know where we are going, Monday stays a normal p-day, and Tuesday if you are being exchanged you to there and change places really quickly and leave, Elder Sutton will be my new zone leader tomorrow. I stayed again in this area, I am really enjoying it here. I have now been here over 4 months.

I went to Talkeetna for Sunday with Jeff (recently ordained Elder in the ward office of elder not missionary, he is getting his stake president interview next week) We visited less actives after church, it really is different in the branch than the ward, they meet in closets for their different areas.
We cover one ward and one branch, we cover 2 cities, 4 or 5 areas, like big lake area unincorporated and Willow and things like that.

I really hope you enjoy your whole trip, when are you going to be back in Rexburg?

We did do something interesting now that I think of it, we went to a house that had 12 or 13 american pitbulls that look like they go to a gym to work out. I got some pictures with one of the bigger ones, the pictures don't do it justice!

It sure does sound like a lot of fun going to those different places? Did you enjoy sturgis at all, I'm sure there were a lot of harleys there. I heard you also went to the V-rod factory and took a tour, was it different than most Harley manufactoring plants? I'm sure you had a lot of fun there and Marissa was probably bored to tears.

The early history of the church is something I have done a little studying about, what was done is quite amazing on the part of the saints.

Well I love you very much bye for now.

Monday, August 08, 2011

We are building a deck for the Bishop (our place is on his property). It is fun and nice having the right tools.

Have fun on your trip. I would not mind the car ride if I had a good book or games, but that will be a long car ride.

I got both the letters from Tyke and from Aunt Donna I will try to write them back this week.

I got the puzzle, I really like it, it will help a lot because we are going to be teaching little kids. Did you get the CTR rings?

Love ya

Monday, August 01, 2011

It has been raining here, then 70F, then rain some more. It's raining right now. The weather here is very much the same as Rexburg. People who have been here say it is colder in Rexburg. Not temperatures wise but it feels colder.

I thought of a great idea for kids and stuff, I want to get a bunch of CTR rings, and things like that for kids, even if they are not LDS it still means choose the right. Also if I could get a plan of salvation wooden puzzle or something interactive for teaching kids.

I guess your all alone for a week without Marissa.

Love you!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Elder Tyler, Cj, Joanne, Elder Stone. We call the couple the Yodinkles.
My new companion is Elder Stone he is from Burley. He has been out a little over 21 months he goes home in early November I believe.
For Pioneer Day the ward has a party back at the Mahoni’s place, where we did the baptism. There was lots of food, members, and softball. I hit once and made it all the way home, not on the same hit.
Well I love you and will email more as I have time.
***We sent Tyler a box for the 4th of July and this is how he put it to use!

Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12th, 2011

This past week, Samuel and Nick  were married... uhm... did they have a long talk with Stake Pres. about this??? Just kidding!

My week has been pretty good I really enjoyed the temple. The temple is tiny, it is smaller than the stake center, and it’s also the only temple in the world with an arctic entry. An Arctic Entry is where you come in and there is another door before you enter the temple, when you enter right to your left is a place to take off all of you shoes and coats and hang them in there before you go into temple.

Ok so I need to have all my mail addressed to me and say Alaska Anchorage mission on it or the post office will not send it here anymore, my packages ended up in the church mail box for the Willow building, I only have one for now when they check it again I will probably get my other one.

The zone leaders are Missionary equivalent of stake president, I have a zone leader meeting every second Wednesday of the month, we got to go down with them to the temple, I will post pictures in a minute.

Transfers are Sept 27th, I think I’ll get transferred but idk I could stay here and train. I think it would be fun, yah i would hope I get a nice companion too, I need to get Elder Boulder, he is one of the missionaries coming into the area, the last elders in this area is elder Grawrock my current comp., Elder Stone then Elder Boulder, that is how it has to be. (All types of rock)

We didn’t go down this driveway, we just saw a thousand signs and took a picture.

I will be sending home a package with items a guy here carves. He gave me a bear, a beaver, some mixing spoons and other things. He gave me those to say thanks for helping at the farmers market.