Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Paige & Luke's Baptism

Their Family

Elder Tyler, Luke, Paige and Elder Grawrock

Lake where Baptism was held.
It is really weird to have such long days and short nights it made fireworks not as much fun but it also allows for us to help our member and to do other things later in the night
Bishop Jones the member we live with is a lot like you... a whole lot like you, we are helping him build the deck on his cabin right now and having light all the way till 10 or so helps.
It does not ever get dark completely unless there are thick rain clouds but it’s still weird.
The baptism went as expected and their parents and grandma where there and seemed to enjoy it I'm going to upload pictures today
That is weird to think all the kids are gone. I am not even alone for longer than it takes to go to the bathroom and that is one thing I’m excited for when I get home, I like to have plenty of alone time.
Well i love you but need to get to moms emails
bye dad
That is cool to hear about Troy, he was a good kid and we had fun together, he will have fun in Florida, i would not have liked Florida because it is hot but he should have fun there.
The baptism went as planned, the next day Elder Grawrock went to Eagle River and i stayed with my new companion Elder stone, i will be putting up pictures of the baptism and everything right now then labeling them
I know that every elder is called to an area for a reason, Elder Grawrock said that he knows that i came into the area because i got along really well with Luke. Each elder is in their place for a reason regardless of whether we know what that reason is.
We had transfers last week I stayed here and my new companion is from Burley Idaho he is very nice.
I love you mom