Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

We did not get to email yesterday because it was a holiday and all the libraries were closed. We did service at the Fair.

Elder Wiegand, Elder Williams, Elder Cameron, Elder White, Elder Stone, Sis. Squires, Sis. Gardner, Elder Carson at fair.

I did have fun pushing old people, we got a cool guy named Phil, he was probably 80 something. We kept asking him where he wanted to go and he would say, "Wherever you want to go is fine". So we pushed him around from noon till 4pm and tried to get him to see as much of the fair as possible. He was a lot of fun. I found out later that he might be a member of our church, the lady said he said he was but others said he was not. The missionaries at one time were taking him the sacrament, the Elder I talked to who was in that ward said he really likes just being around people. He is usually in a ward (not church ward, old people home ward) by himself. I guess sometimes he has dementia. We spent Monday at the fair too.

Thank you so much for sending everything. When did you send them? I have not gotten either package yet. Combo of weekend and holiday makes mail slow.

The things we do on our missions are quite incredible, most people find it hard to believe that we are giving up this much time to serve the Lord, especially when they find out we are paying for our missions. I am very excited for the next 17 months of my mission, there is a lot of learning I still need to do and all the study that we do throughout the day is really helping, we also attend seminary in the morning and we are learning about the old testament.

Our days are getting shorter and shorter, we have had a lot of leaves fall off already, soon it we will not have much sunlight at all. It's getting windy and colder too.

I get to attend the temple tomorrow for the first time on my mission and my companions first time since MTC as well, he has been out 22 months, he has not much time left and this is his first change, so we will be in Anchorage.

Thank you for your love and support.

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