Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday October 17, 2011

We have some child of record baptisms this month, for some less active members we have been workin with, it looks like this will be Elder Stones first and only baptism on his mission.

This last week we have been doing a lot of updating, a couple of people from the bishopric think we may have been inspired to do so because all the stuff I started doing in this area, turns out is something required by the stake that they now have to do, while the stake is deciding new ward boundaries, there is a new chapel being built so our ward will probably be split.

How is the baby going and all that stuff turn out, when was she born?
Gotta get taking off but i love you mom
We did not do a whole lot this week so i did not have much to write about

Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011

No thanks on the CTR ring.
That is funny that you have tons of snow, or at least got it, down in south east Alaska, it has been kinda snowy, but in the area of Alaska I’m in, it is staying about 30F-50F but no snow.

The work has been progressing well, we are having fun in our area, and doing a lot of service, we ate dinner with a professional photographer, so she took a bunch of pictures, I’m on a slow pc so I updated them in a smaller format, I’ll re upload them later.

We will be having several children getting baptized this month in our ward, one or 2 from a less active family we have been working with

The teenagers we baptized are still active and coming to seminary.

I just knew we were going to get stuff for plowing our house as soon I left, haha just kidding, that should help out a lot as well as the polaris ranger with the plow, by the way, I never heard any more about Danny’s dad, what is the news with that? from when he was in the hospital?

I have been fixing peoples computers, it gets me in the door to less actives then we can teach them. The less actives are who we have been doing a lot of focusing on, that is who our stake president wants us to focus on at this time, we have a lot of them hiding in our area.
Jeffrey R. Holland priesthood session was good, so was the first one about memorizing scriptures.

Also do you know if i might be able to buy a new winter hat, it’s about $50 I’ll keep looking for the one i want but for less $$$ also I am probably going to send you a package today

i love you and am getting off, also i got the hat for like $30 instead, thanks bye.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday, October 03, 2011

This week we watched general conference at the Willow ward building, and there were only 3 people at the Saturday session at the church Bishop Fishback, Elder Stone, and me.

That is really cool that you were in the afternoon session I was looking for you as we watched, that was a very powerful session of conference. As soon as I saw the Mayan, I remembered that Trevor was a cliff diver there, that is a cool restaurant. Did they still have a lot of robotic parrots and stuff?

We had a lot of fun for 6 hours watching conference with the bishop. I have been in this area just about 7 months and I have earned his trust so far as he has given me his account info and password for and the clerks office computer I have his password as well, so that we can update the ward roster for him

I might be here in this area for quite a while, Elder Stone goes home at the end of this transfer and if I am moved then this area will be white washed which is where both elders leave, which is really bad for a huge area like this.
I’m fine with staying here it means i get to see Christmas here and it would mean i can focus on the people that i have wanted to, I would enjoy staying. We are teaching about 4 or so people.

When you send the package for Halloween to me can you include some of the packets of nacho cheese sauce?