Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Been here 6 months!

Monday, August 15, 2011
I have been out for 6 months now. Did the 6 month burning of the old tie.

My sunglasses should be at the mission office right now. tomorrow are exchanges and they should send it up here with the other mail going to our area. Exchanges work differently now, they call us Saturday night and let us know where we are going, Monday stays a normal p-day, and Tuesday if you are being exchanged you to there and change places really quickly and leave, Elder Sutton will be my new zone leader tomorrow. I stayed again in this area, I am really enjoying it here. I have now been here over 4 months.

I went to Talkeetna for Sunday with Jeff (recently ordained Elder in the ward office of elder not missionary, he is getting his stake president interview next week) We visited less actives after church, it really is different in the branch than the ward, they meet in closets for their different areas.
We cover one ward and one branch, we cover 2 cities, 4 or 5 areas, like big lake area unincorporated and Willow and things like that.

I really hope you enjoy your whole trip, when are you going to be back in Rexburg?

We did do something interesting now that I think of it, we went to a house that had 12 or 13 american pitbulls that look like they go to a gym to work out. I got some pictures with one of the bigger ones, the pictures don't do it justice!

It sure does sound like a lot of fun going to those different places? Did you enjoy sturgis at all, I'm sure there were a lot of harleys there. I heard you also went to the V-rod factory and took a tour, was it different than most Harley manufactoring plants? I'm sure you had a lot of fun there and Marissa was probably bored to tears.

The early history of the church is something I have done a little studying about, what was done is quite amazing on the part of the saints.

Well I love you very much bye for now.

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