Thursday, June 9, 2011

June 6, 2011

So about 10 minutes ago elder Grawrock and I were on our way here and right in front of us a car went to go into the other lane quickly and it hit another car and the mirror went flying and then while everyone was hitting their brakes 2 motorcycles almost ran into the cars that were slowing down really quickly. it was pretty crazy everyone was alright but the 2 people looked pretty ticked when they pulled over.How has your weeks been I don't see any emails ):
(we forgot to write him, but I was on when his email came in so I wrote him while he was still on)

The 2 kids are going to talk to their parents this week to see if they can get permission we are pretty sure that the parents should have seen it coming by now, the baptismal date for now is still June 18th, we will find out this week if that is going to work.
The new mission president gets here at the end of the month and will be doing the new transfers, he only has less than a day to be with President Dance before President Dance leaves. He will not get any information on any of the elders except maybe if they have something really serious, so he will not know anything about most of us except from our brief meeting with him as a zone this month.

I have my social security card and will be trying to get my license tomorrow to give you an idea of how long it takes to get mail, I got the ssn card on Friday night. I found out the mail goes to Anchorage and from Anchorage goes all the way to Fairbanks(it has to drive past us to get to Fairbanks), like 300 miles north of us by truck, then on the way back it drops off the mail for our area at Wasilla, then we get it the next day or later depending on when they get it to the ups store, here it goes to the ups store they sort it and give it to their customers, no packages are delivered on Saturdays.

Today we are going on a hike to what is called lazy mountain which is funny cause everyone says it is anything but a lazy hike, i got some cool pictures of the mountains and will take more while up there. left to right Me, Elder Espiritu, Elder Dourghty, Ulu ave, Elder Hinkly, Sis. Lee, Elder Gardner, Elder Lee, Sis Baker, Elder Grawrock, Elder Goodwin(top)Elder Mazzefaro, top ElderQuinlin, mid Elder Wegan botom Elder Uele.

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