Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 27, 2011

This week I got to teach the 6 year old primary class, and it just happened to be a lesson about being a missionary, it was really fun to talk to those kids about being a missionary and they all wanted to be a missionary too.
It was a lot of fun, it reminded me of teaching primary for the nine year olds. That is cool that Nick is getting married.
They have quite a lot of people in the area we cover who do nothing but make tourist stuff, no kidding they do a lot of tourist stuff around here.
We can see mount McKinley every so often, as we drive around, there are a lot of trees though so sometimes I can see it. I believe we are about 50-100 miles from McKinley but i think it is in technically our area.
The culture here... how to describe well most people move here to stay to themselves and if you find them they are angry and want to be left alone, most of the time
We live in a strange area, it is close enough to towns that you can drive a half an hour to 2 hours (depending on where in our area you are) and go to a Walmart, but you are far enough out here on dirt roads no one will find you unless they are looking for you, its a really strange area
I don't know about transfers, tomorrow our new mission President will arrive and take over so no one knows what transfers will be like, he will either shake up the board or leave things like they are for another transfer.
Our 2 investigators will be baptized on the 9th of July in a lake at our members property.
I love you
Elder Tyler
p.s. I dont think they mention poop anywhere in the dress code, also you are in the family department obligations to your son come first... something something pterodactyl or something
(For Father's day, Tyler sent Michael a Moose poop tie tack and chapstick)

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