Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 13, 2011

Yesterday I got the chance to do a baby blessing, for a 9 day old baby, there is a Samoan and his "wife" who came, he has been inactive for 10 years and less active for 20 his soon to be wife and him have several kids about 10 days, 2y, 3y, 7y, and 9y she was almost baptized a couple times in Hawaii but he was holding her back and now he really wants to get back to church and have her baptized, they will be getting married soon, and she will be baptized.

He had me bless his baby because I know how to pronounce Samoan names and words, the baby's name is Tolu Ipuasa Taala

That stuff about Danali is really cool, I realized that apparently our area is more like 200 miles north south than i thought it was

I am mailing Marissa's gift today for her birthday and also my social security card will be with it.

I also got my Alaska drivers license this week as well.

Bob Boyd one of our recent converts since October I think is in prison for gun charges, he is a convicted felon and had a sawed off shotgun and a pistol I did not know he wasn't allowed to have, and some mental problems, and smoked marijuana we have been helping him try to get it back together but now he is in prison, he is about 73 or so and in bad health facing minimum of 3 to 5 years

Also I was wondering if we have any Dances in our family tree President Dance thinks we may be related.

Can you tell me how I am related to Porter Rockwell, I was just curious about that as well.

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  1. I was up in Alaska a week ago. I stayed in Sterling on the Keini Penn. I had a hard time getting used to families taking a walk with the dog at three in the morning because it was still light out. We had a 5.2 earthquake while I was there. They are commom my host said. Pretty area. I flew into Anchorage and drove over.What a neat place for a mission - Miranda's Mom