Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2010

My first baptism!
All 5 people were baptized and confirmed this Saturday and Sunday as planned. On Sunday we put another investigator on date. I got to baptize one of the 5, my companion baptized one, a previous elder who helped them baptized one, a brother baptized his sister and one baptized his cousin. I got to do a confirmation as well.
Elder Justin White, Raihana H., Elder Britton Winterrose, Bethany P., Lucy H., Sister Sarai T., Shelena H., Elder Tyler Williams, Barcelona P., Brother Jason S., Brother Ben P.

Elder Winterrose baptized Lucy, Elder White baptized Raihana, Elder Williams baptized Shelena, Jason baptized Lona, and Ben baptized Bethany.

This is the chapel we attend.
This is where we live.
This picture shows where our house is compared to our area. Our house is the red x our area is that whole red square. there are other wards in that but our Samoan ward covers that whole area. (Samoan) people only. I was just taking a second look at the area map I sent you the top right side up there is covered by us as well. With the areas like Russion Jack and Mountain View.
This picture the red square is where our chapel is the blue dot is where our house is. Our house is on the north side of the street.

We can go on hikes and visit places if we don't leave our zone on p-days. Sometimes we hang out with the other missionaries at the church.

Other than that nothing interesting has really happened. I heard Chris had to help you with my computer and that it is now the one upstairs. That is a good idea seeing how dad did not need a computer that nice at his office. Mine will do anything you really could possibly need at home. I'm worried about when Chris moves out because no one will be there to help with the computers.

Well I love you all, bye.

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