Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

No baptism this week however we have one Friday night.

Conference was very good we watched it at the Stake Center from 8am-10am and 12-2pm, everything is 2 hours earlier. I really liked the talk about how the gospel comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable. I thought that was a pretty funny ...all of the talks were really good though. We watched it in English, but it was also in Samoan, Tongan and Spanish. Having to learn language in the missionfield and not having much time to do so yet would mean I would not understand anything unless they said full, hungry, fine, awesome, hello, goodbye and a few other things in Samoan. I'm still working on pronunciation and things limiting my time to practice. We are working hard but lots of things that happen to fall on this month have limited it.

No fishing license yet, to much ice in between us an the fish, that will start in early summer and late spring.

Our recent convert from last week watched all of the conference and the 2 hours of shows in between them as well and really enjoyed it. Her non-member husband watched it as well and seemed to enjoy it. She was very surprised by the fact he stayed for all of it. During our lessons he always got up and left after about half an hour. (not disruptively, he just left).

I was wondering.... what is the possibility that we could mail some fresh salmon down to Pablo and he could overnight me a flat of strawberries or something like that. I really want some fresh strawberries and our members have lots of salmon and I think it sounds like a fair trade. Could you investigate. Also my members wife is in love with Pablo's seasoning she wants to find out if she can order a bunch of it. Yes that's right she wants to pay for it because she could not find it in the stores here. She went on the website and sent a letter inquiring about it.

I love you very much!

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