Monday, December 19, 2011

December 19, 2011

This computer is so terrible it hurts me to use it,

On other notes, I am really going to miss Kay, I liked him a lot.

I am getting transferred again, I got red dotted due to the small accident I was in, which I should not have been red dotted for, the damage makes it look much more severe than it was and it was my first accident ever, I'm going to see what I can do to have it removed. Since my companion can't drive and he speaks Samoan fluently and there are not driving Samoans, I am getting transferred, the whole ward keeps telling me I need to tell president he cant do it. It makes me sad because I probably will not come back a third time but no one thought I would come back a second so we will see. the worst part is that it is right before Christmas.

I am going to the Huffman area, it is, if looking at a map south of Dimond and east of Seward, the mission home, Brayton chapel and temple are in my new boundaries, I will be serving with Elder Merril, I will be his second companion, or "greenie Braker" I will also be the senior companion.

I have some really good news, last week we had 2 baptisms, fulfilling the wards goal for baptisms. I have served in Dimond Ward 2 separate times, and for 6 weeks each, in those I totaled 11 of the 13 baptisms this ward has ever had, it makes me sad to leave.

Also I finally got a copy of the Jeffrey R. Holland's fireside talk that happened up here in Anchorage back in November, I made a copy for everyone in the mission and I am uploading it to the sky drive today, I hope you can listen to it, it is really good and about an hour long.

I am not excited to go back to palangi wards that much, there are things I like and dislike about both but overall the best place in the entire mission to be is Dimond Ward, you can ask almost any missionary who knows much about that and they will tell you, but the Lord has other plans for me, right now.

This is the link to Elder Hollands fireside:!1713&parid=FDB757153A3444CD!107&authkey=!AEKzTObxDp0d1K0 )

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