Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

No I have not gotten the package yet. We have a baptism that will be done on either the 24th or 25th - Christmas the ward is very exited because it also will fulfill the wards baptism goal for the year, this ward is less than a year old.

Elder Collins is a little bigger waste size than me but other wise pretty close, the only things i can think of I want for Christmas is ties with pandas on them, other cool ties, and or money, simply because it is hard to move things much bigger than ties around, or i can buy something funny up here so you don't have to ship it, I am not sure other than that.

(Do you get homesick?) No not really, I miss things about being home like computers games, people, and animals but not really home sick. (notice he put computer games before people)

(Kay Miller isn't doing very well) Thats sad to know I will really miss him, I really like him.

*** The next part of Tyler's blog is from a past companions (Elder Winterrose)letter to his family. I thought it was funny!
I visited the Dimond Ward and my old companion Elder Williams is serving there. We got to teach a primary class of like 12 kids ages 8-7 and a few random youngins. It was funny, and totally random. We talked about doing unto others. They didn't have sharing time so we had to teach them the whole hour. ONE hour without candy.... cause it was fast Sunday. We taught the lesson for as long as their little attention spans could handle it for and then we did a bunch of little magic tricks. TRICKS are awesome for children. Elder Williams even did the one where he licks his eye ball. The kids were so excited/grossed out! It was way funny. You literally have to have something planned for every minute of class though. One slip and you loose control of the group and have to reset, review and restart. It was a blast though.

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