Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 3, 2012

Sorry I did not write yesterday, national holidays and what not are no fun on the mission, typical day here is wierd, the mission president is in my ward and we go to the mission office and home often to help with tech stuff, there are some people here that have a lot of problems, and its getting to be really annoying because they will not help themselves.

I like my companion a lot, just not the area. My comp is from Apple Valley California, born in Barstow, CA. His name is Merrell like the shoe brand. He is really funny, we are having a good time together.

I dont know what I want for an ornament, also I will have to send it home once I find one, thank you so much for the presents and money!

(??What do you want/need for your Birthday?)My companion just bought some toe shoes, they are pretty cool, they are comfy too I tried some on at the store. They are between $75 and $100 they are in European shoe sizes and if they are not exactly the right size they will be uncomfortable, they are cool, but I could not really justify getting them on my mission, there is other stuff I'd rather get.

I was really glad we got to skype together and it was good to see grandpa. it made me feel kinda bad for Danny because he no longer gets to see his father.

It was funny to see grandpa Parley look at the computer because I can only imagine he was thinking, "what kind of blasted new fangled technology piece of junk is this... this is amazing... I wonder if I could use that to go fishing more and keep Janet happy... hmm now there's an idea" hehe just kidding, well mostly =)

I love you very much, bye

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