Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

Q: Did you get your strawberries and package?
Tyler: Hey I have not gotten any box, I'm not sure exactly how it works here, no one has mail boxes apparently, they get a box somewhere that everything is dropped off to and the Jones pick them up and give them to us. idk what will happen. No strawberries either. : (
Q: What did you do for Easter?
Tyler: We ate at a members house. They used gold silverware (at least it looked like gold) and they had the whole family over, then we went to an older couples house and helped them with their computer and they gave us some Easter treats with our name on them, they treat the missionaries like their kids.
Q: Who is your new companion?
Tyler: So my new companion is Elder Grawrock, we get along just fine but we have pretty much nothing in common. He is from Aloah Oregon, and thinks Oregon is better than California in every way, we don't let that get past joking arguments. He really likes to work out, we get up at like 5 some mornings and work out and other mornings we get up at 6 to go to seminary in the Jones house because he teaches seminar. I have not been getting to sleep lately, I just sit there and think but I am trying a new thing to get to sleep and it seems to help so far.
Q: Do you like to exercise or do you do it because your companion makes you?
Tyler: The second one. When I say exercise I am talking about an hour plus work out at a members "gym" where I hurt after we are done, it is not lose weight stay in shape exercise it is get big muscle exercises. We have a treadmill at our place and not exercising is not an option. I'm already awake so I do the exercises with a lot less weight than he does.
Q: Where do you live?
Tyler: We live in a cabin separate from the Jones house, about 50 feet from the house. We use the whole cabin, it is just a kitchen with a loft above that we sleep in with a bathroom and shower on lower floor.On Thursday I met a Danish photographer artist something or other. We were waiting for interviews at the church with Pres. & Sis. Dance and a man came in and asked me if he could speak with our pastor. I told him that I can try to help him get in contact with the Bishop. He explained that he was doing a story or something like that on the Wasilla area and found that the area is very religious and is going around to the different churches and talking with the church leaders and doing sketches of them, to show the variety in the area or something like that. His name was Rasmus, this is a picture of him. I told him that my dad served in Denmark in the 80's? and he said that Denmark has changed quite a bit since then, he said he remembers seeing Americans dressed like us around Denmark and that a friend of his apparently followed some of them around and became good friends of the missionaries.

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