Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 18, 2011

How is everything at home? Things are going well here. My last companion Elder Winterrose said he thinks I am the only Elder in our mission who has had 6 baptisms in his first area. I am having a lot of fun teaching people what I know about the Gospel.

President Dance declared a NO caffeine while on our mission rule that other Elders are struggling with. I'm glad I never drink any. It has not been very cold here, for the most part, it just feels like Rexburg. It has snowed pretty good at least once per week this last 3 weeks. The weather in general sounds the same.

I'm glad to hear about Kolby's call, it is cool to hear about all the people coming home and leaving. Thanks for mentioning Kay I was actually going to ask you today about him.
This is a picture of the chapel and foyer in the Willow Ward in Wasilla it is like a log cabin and its pretty nice. My companion says most of them in the bush here are like that.

This is Elder Ofly he was my district leader. He just went home on April 13th.

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