Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday, November 21st, 2011

So I have been made the official tech/it elder of our mission, I talked to Sis. Beesley our mission president’s wife and she told me I can have the official title of tech guru. I share new methods of using technology to communicate and share the gospel; I just finished entering every missionary’s phone number into my email as contacts so I can send out mass texts to the entire mission.

They have members of the ward who video tape all of the ward parties, there is one on a tripod and one who walks around and tapes everyone, all of them Samoan, the elders were talking to a member of their ward, who was inviting them to the party, he said "I dance like a wild man, it is fun and everyone has fun watching me, I love to dance."

We have about 30 investigators, not even joking; there is a lot of work in the Samoan wards. A young man walked in yesterday at church and introduced himself in priesthood meeting, and introduced himself as a non member who would like to be baptized, so being missionaries we jumped on that, he is talking to his parents and we will follow up tomorrow.

Yes we do, we have about 30 active investigators, the ward here is much, much more involved with sharing the gospel, on Tuesday night Samoans from all Anchorage, member and nonmember alike are invited to volleyball, non members can only play for 2 weeks before talking with us and deciding whether they want to take the discussions, they have multiple fire sides, they invite all their friends to everything, they do most everything a missionary could wish the members could do.

My first experience here when I was in this ward the first time has helped me very much with the culture, the whole yours is mine is strange, but mine is yours, yours is ours, ours is all of yours, everyone shares with everyone for the most part, it is interesting, missionaries stuff is the exception. Missionaries are given the same status as bishop, chief, or leaders. They do all they can to help us.

The culture is interesting, they just want to have fun, be happy, and learn about the Lord. They are very humble.

I’m not sure what the plan is for Thanksgiving,

????What do you want for Christmas???? The only item I really want for now is panda ties, ties with pandas on them, it’s a running joke I got one I really like and I want to get a bunch of panda ties before I go home, other than that.. money or candies and stuff.

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