Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Monday, November 14th

Hi mom I am back in the Dimond ward staying with the Meades, at the house I started off my mission in. I remember a decent amount of what I learned, but it was not much still. I bore my testimony in Samoan this week I had to read it.

My companion is Elder Collins he is from Western Samoa, I really like him, he is teaching me a lot of Samoan, there is a lot of work going on here and I am really enjoying it.

(???Do they feed you enough) Oh yes, members in the Samoan ward get mad at you if you ever go hungry and do not ask them to give you food or money that night.
I’m fine on zyrteck for now; in fact I am back in Anchorage, so I can get it for about the same prices down there, I’ll work on getting that nativity, so you would like the nicest one I can find??? Is December 10th when you need it by or when you need it sent by, I’ll will get it as soon as I can alright? I will do my best to find you a sweet one!

We have gotten a lot of snow here in Anchorage, those 100mph winds are fairly common in Palmer area, that’s probably where that hit.

(???Can missionaries by fireworks??) i sent those because when I was in Houston people would come there from all over Alaska, it is the only place that is legal to get those fireworks in all of Alaska.

It’s a cool place, they had a batman that would stand next to a batmobile all day to get people to stop there, one day they had 6 people in gorilla suits dancing around, one guy owns all of those and he is lds, he makes millions there, they are open all year round.

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