Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday, October 03, 2011

This week we watched general conference at the Willow ward building, and there were only 3 people at the Saturday session at the church Bishop Fishback, Elder Stone, and me.

That is really cool that you were in the afternoon session I was looking for you as we watched, that was a very powerful session of conference. As soon as I saw the Mayan, I remembered that Trevor was a cliff diver there, that is a cool restaurant. Did they still have a lot of robotic parrots and stuff?

We had a lot of fun for 6 hours watching conference with the bishop. I have been in this area just about 7 months and I have earned his trust so far as he has given me his account info and password for and the clerks office computer I have his password as well, so that we can update the ward roster for him

I might be here in this area for quite a while, Elder Stone goes home at the end of this transfer and if I am moved then this area will be white washed which is where both elders leave, which is really bad for a huge area like this.
I’m fine with staying here it means i get to see Christmas here and it would mean i can focus on the people that i have wanted to, I would enjoy staying. We are teaching about 4 or so people.

When you send the package for Halloween to me can you include some of the packets of nacho cheese sauce?

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