Monday, February 28, 2011

So to start with I'm going to tell you briefly about all of the elders in my district. I am in a tripanionship with Elder Drake and Elder Johansen. Elder Drake is a recent convert to the church who got his mission call one day after his one year membership mark. (by the way the other Elders got their calls like in October. I was the only one who got mine late) He lives in Danville, Ohio. he has a really strong testimony and is able to relate to all of our "investigators" because he has only just converted to the church. Elder Johansen has just as strong of a testimony, he is a nice (redheaded) elder. He lives here in the Salt Lake valley. All three of us get along just fine and have a lot of fun. Out side of our tripanionship there are 3 other companionships, my favorite by far is Elders Bunch & Shank. Bunch is from Salt Lake valley as well and is probably one of the funniest people I know. He can never sit still or stop laughing/making others laugh. He has so many funny stories it is hard to stop laughing in class, at lunch, at the residence halls. I really like him for the good person he is. Elder Shank and Elder Bunch get along really well. There is also Elder Kvavle (Quiv-ly like quiver his grandparents are Norweigen but he grew up in Arizona) & Elder Grate. Elder Kvayle is our district leader. He is a really nice Elder that has a lot fun with the rest of us but is usually a really good example too. Elder Grate is from southern California. Valencia I think. He is really nice. Elders Hickman and Poole are a lot of fun too. Elder Hickman is from Blackfoot Idaho and Elder Poole is from San Jose California.

By the way my Tripanionship was made zone leaders so we are responsible for our district and 2 others. Its kinda fun being zone leaders but we hate our 4:15 Sunday meeting where go to tattle on people. We do our best but our zone gets blamed for everything because a month ago some elders pulled a lot pranks, and they were not here when we got here.

I love you all and miss you very much but I'm so excited to be going on my mission to Alaska.

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